NFTs beschleunigen den digitalen Übergang von Topps, sagt der Vorsitzende

Michael Eisner sagte, der Sammelkartenhersteller sei „25% digital“ und wachse teilweise aufgrund der Blockchain-Technologie.

Topps, einer der weltweit führenden Hersteller von Sammelkarten, gab kürzlich seine Absicht bekannt, nach einer Explosion auf dem digitalen Markt ein öffentliches Angebot zu verfolgen

In einem Interview mit der Squawk Box von CNBC sagte Topps-Vorsitzender Michael Eisner heute, dass die Sport- und Unterhaltungsseite des Unternehmens – das Unternehmen produziert auch Süßwaren wie Kaugummi – zu 25% digital ist und wächst. Eisner sagte, die Explosion von nicht fungiblen Token oder NFTs in der Blockchain werde „wahrscheinlich alle ansprechen“, wenn das Unternehmen an die Börse geht.

„Die digitale [Seite des Geschäfts] wächst sehr schnell“, sagte Eisner:

„Mit Bitcoin Revolution können wir am Sekundärmarkt teilnehmen. Vorher haben wir nur teilgenommen, als wir die analogen Karten herausgenommen haben. “

Topps plant den Börsengang durch die Fusion einer Zweckgesellschaft (SPAC). In diesem Fall würde Mudrick Capital, das bereits an der Nasdaq notiert ist, Topps erwerben. Dies könnte die traditionelle Route des Börsengangs effektiv umgehen. Der SPAC bewertet Topps Berichten zufolge mit 1,3 Milliarden US-Dollar. Der Abschluss des Deals wird für dieses Jahr erwartet.

Eisner, der frühere CEO von The Walt Disney Company, kaufte Topps im Oktober 2007 über seine Investmentfirma und Madison Dearborn Partners. Der Topps-Vorsitzende sagte, er habe das Unternehmen „mit dem Ziel gekauft, es digital zu machen“.

„Dies ist das i-Tüpfelchen auf dem i-Tüpfelchen: Vollständige Digitalisierung mit noch vorhandenem Analog.“

Mit zunehmender Bekanntheit von Kryptowährungen und Blockchain-Technologie ist der digitale Arm des Unternehmens mit der Schaffung trendiger digitaler Sammlerstücke in den NFT-Bereich gesprungen. Im Januar veröffentlichte Topps Digital NFTs mit Bernie Sanders, Senator von Vermont, und seinen Winterhandschuhen bei der Einweihungsfeier des Präsidenten 2021.

Bitcoin price cracks key price level as indicators

Bitcoin price cracks key price level as indicators herald next bull run to $70,000 or more

A positive move in the bitcoin price overnight has brought local highs of $54,500 and fresh hope. BTC bulls are speculating that the $52,000 price level will finally Bitcoin Bank establish itself as a support level. With this level as a base, there would be plenty of room to move up again. Meanwhile, indicators symbolise that the next price rally could already be around the corner.

The bitcoin price broke the crucial resistance of $52,000 overnight on 9 March and is currently trading just below the all-time high at $54,000. In this article, we look at the opinions of various analysts to find out what this could mean for the price of the number one cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin price bull run is different from 2017

The Bitcoin price hit its highest local point in 2 weeks today (Tuesday) at $54,500. Many analysts see the $52,000 level as particularly important. Securing it as support would, in their opinion, trigger the next phase of the BTC bull run. The recent positive price movement now gives many reasons for hope again. Holger Zschaepitz, market commentator and contributor to the German daily Die Welt, summarised the events and their possible significance for his Twitter followers as follows:

Bitcoin jumps >$54k supported by more signs of institutional interest in the largest cryptocurrency. Institutional interest sets the recent bull run apart from the retail-driven surge in 2017, Goldman says. Much of the institutional demand has been driven by fears over asset devaluation

Zschaepitz was referring to findings from Goldman Sachs, which also revealed, among other things, that 40% of its own clients already have exposure to cryptocurrencies.

Indicator announces renewed price rally for BTC

In the Telegram channel of Bitcoin-Bude, a hint was also given that an imminent renewed upward wave could currently be announced by the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) indicator. There, it shows a setup last seen in early February’21 and mid-December’20 just before significant Bitcoin (BTC) price rallies. The most recent one took the Bitcoin price to its all-time high of $58,300.

BTC bulls are hoping this will lead to a possible repeat of events and thus another parabolic rise in the Bitcoin price.

Meanwhile, Cointelegraph market analyst filbfilb, who goes by the pseudonym, is forecasting a target range of $70,000 or higher using the Fibonacci level.

The market is thus waiting in suspense to see whether we will possibly see a renewed rush to the all-time high and thus the $60,000 mark as early as this week.

How do you recognize the old season? eToro provides a possible answer

If the top 100 altcoins had been held in equal parts, that would have been mostly more lucrative than Bitcoin in 2020, according to eToro.

Investors who swapped their bitcoins ( BTC ) for altcoins and vice versa at the right time could have made significantly higher profits in 2020, according to a new study by eToro , the popular social trading platform. The challenge, of course, is to determine exactly when the coveted old season begins.

In its latest quarterly report, the eToro platform explains various cryptocurrency investment topics in relation to the 2020 bull market. An entire section is also devoted to the old season . This is a phase in the cryptocurrency market cycle where altcoins rally, often outperforming Bitcoin.

The investigation showed that if the top 100 altcoins had been held in equal parts, in 2020 they would have been mostly a „more lucrative investment“ than BTC. Until December 18th to be precise. However, investors who knew when to switch from BTC to Cryptosoft and vice versa could have nearly doubled their profits that year.

eToro explained :

„If you had started with Bitcoin and had only made two changes in the whole year (Bitcoin to Altcoin in May and back to Bitcoin in September), instead of three or four times the profit you could have made over seven times the profit.“

While eToro admits that predicting the old season and BTC season is notoriously difficult, the research looks at various indicators that can help investors determine market cycles.

The relative trading volume, activity on social networks, the listing of new coins and the number of news articles published about crypto projects seem to have an impact on whether altcoins experience a boom.

Of course, trading volume is a classic chicken-or-egg situation. Because it is not always clear whether trading activity is increasing organically or simply because the price is rising.

To measure activity on social networks, eToro uses data from The TIE, a crypto analysis company. The tweet volume of Altcoins is compared with that of Bitcoin.

The data suggests that „the old season can be defined by the relative number of tweets about altcoins,“ the report said.

It also said:

„This indicator seems to capture not only the May and October deceptions, but possibly also the short old season in late February.“

Dogecoin ( DOGE ), the meme cryptocurrency , is currently the center of attention on social networks. Last week, DOGE became the first altcoin to outperform Bitcoin in terms of daily trading volume, according to data from The TIE.

Using data from The TIE, eToro also looked at listings on exchanges and thus showed that there was a „significant increase in the number of exchange listings in late summer“ in 2020. That was the same period in which altcoins performed the most significantly better than BTC.

More mentions in news articles published directly by cryptocurrency companies also appear to be correlated with the old season. „That makes intuitive sense,“ says eToro. Because these articles usually relate to current developments in projects and other big announcements.

Ethereum feirer nytt heltid etter tre år

Ethereum nådde en ny heltidshøyde 19. januar.

Ethereum er sannsynlig i bølge 5 av en bullish impuls.

ETH / BTC nærmer seg motstandsområdet .040.04

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Trust Project er et internasjonalt konsortium av nyhetsorganisasjoner som bygger standarder for åpenhet.

19. januar nådde Bitcoin Revolution en pris på $ 1.439, og brøt den forrige rekordhøye verdien på $ 1.424 fra januar 2018.

Mens prishandlingen og de tekniske indikatorene fremdeles er hausse, vil Ethereum sannsynligvis nå en høyde mellom $ 1.500 – $ 1.660 for å fullføre en bullish impuls som begynte i mars 2020.

Ethereum har økt siden et lokalt lavpunkt på $ 86 ble nådd i mars

Oppadgående bevegelse akselererte i slutten av desember da ETH handlet nær $ 600. I løpet av mindre enn en måned ble ETH mer enn doblet i verdi.

Det handles for øyeblikket til $ 1 419 etter å ha nådd en høyeste verdi på $ 1 439 den 19. januar 2021, som nevnt av kryptovalutahandleren @TradingTank

Til tross for den nesten parabolske økningen, viser tekniske indikatorer ennå ikke betydelig svakhet, noe som tyder på at trenden fortsatt er bullish.

Bølgetellingen antyder at ETH er i bølge 5 (vist i hvitt) av en bullish impuls som begynte i mars 2020, der den tredje bølgen utvidet seg. Underbølgetallet vises i svart.

Det mest sannsynlige målet for toppen av den bullish impulsen er funnet mellom $ 1.500 – $ 1.650.

Målområdet ble funnet ved å bruke en kombinasjon av Fib- utvidelser, projeksjoner og eksterne tilbaketrekninger.

Bitcoiners celebram relatório sobre o fundador da Rota da Seda sendo considerado para a Blitz de perdão da Trump

De acordo com um relatório de 15 de dezembro do Daily Beast, o presidente dos EUA, Donald Trump, pretende perdoar o fundador da Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, que atualmente está cumprindo uma pena dupla de prisão perpétua (mais 40 anos).

O outlet cita três fontes anônimas, duas das quais afirmam que o POTUS é solidário com a situação precária de Ulbricht.

Embora a decisão ainda não tenha sido oficializada, Lyn Ulbricht, mãe de Ross, tem esperança de que Trump dê a seu filho „uma segunda chance de vida“:

„Estamos orando e continuamos esperançosos de que ele tenha misericórdia de Ross, assim como tem outros, e comute sua sentença pelo tempo cumprido e dê a meu filho uma segunda chance de vida“.

Uma sentença „grosseiramente injusta“.

A notícia foi recebida com forte aprovação e júbilo pelos membros da comunidade Bitcoin Machine.

Michael Goldstein, o fundador do Instituto Satoshi Nakamoto, afirma que perdoar Ulbricht seria „uma tremenda restauração da justiça“ em um tweet:

„Conceder clemência a @RealRossU seria uma tremenda restauração da justiça“. Sua investigação era corrupta, sua prisão cruel e injusta, e seu retrato na mídia era imperdoável“.

O advogado composto Jake Chervinsky afirma que sua sentença foi „extremamente injusta“:

„A sentença de Ross Ulbricht foi grosseiramente injusta“. O juiz lhe deu prisão perpétua com base em acusações não comprovadas que foram posteriormente demitidas. Quando ele argumentou que seus direitos constitucionais foram violados, a Suprema Corte se recusou a ouvir o caso“.

Uma petição on-line para perdoar Ulbricht reuniu agora 365.572 assinaturas.

Como noticiado pela U.U.Today, vários ativistas libertários e conservadores proeminentes exortaram Trump a perdoar o fundador da Rota da Seda, incluindo o apresentador do programa de rádio Charlie Kirk. O estrategista do Partido Republicano Andrew Surabian também tweeted seu apoio a ele.

Uma nova onda de perdões de Trump

Nas últimas semanas de sua administração, o Presidente Trump deverá anunciar uma onda de perdões e comutações.

Na semana passada, o pastor norte-americano Mark Burns tweeted que o POTUS perdoaria o fundador do WikiLeaks Julian Assange, mas mais tarde ele recuou em sua declaração, uma vez que ela se baseava em „uma fonte defeituosa“. brièvement fermé par une attaque de déni de service brièvement fermé par une attaque de déni de service ; Bitcoin n’est pas touché, le site web qui héberge le code de bitcoin, est de retour après qu’une attaque par déni de service distribué (DDoS) ait mis le site hors service aux premières heures du samedi matin.

Le site web héberge Bitcoin Core, la version logicielle la plus populaire du code de Bitcoin. Pour être Bitcoin Circuit clair : la chaîne de blocage de Bitcoin elle-même n’a pas été attaquée, seul le site web hébergeant une copie de son code open-source.

Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici : Qu’est-ce que Bitcoin ?

Alors que le site était inaccessible, les Bitcoiners ont diffusé le logiciel aux nouveaux arrivants souhaitant télécharger le code via un service de torrenting, un marché open-source pour le partage des données. Le client de Bitcoin Core comprend un „lien magnétique“ (cette chaîne alphanumérique aléatoire dans le tweet ci-dessous) qui peut être partagé manuellement pour télécharger Bitcoin Core à partir de services comme uTorrent et BitTorrent. À partir de ce lien, l’utilisateur peut localiser le hachage pour l’endroit où Bitcoin Core est stocké sur ces services et télécharger le logiciel.

Appelée „déni de service distribué“, une attaque DDoS se produit lorsqu’une personne ou un groupe utilise plusieurs dispositifs pour envoyer des demandes de données à un serveur ou à un système, encombrant sa bande passante et rendant généralement un site web inaccessible.

Les attaques DDoS sont courantes lors des pics de prix des bitcoins est à présent à nouveau en ligne. Cobra, un développeur pseudonyme qui aide à la maintenance de, a déclaré à CoinDesk que les attaques DDoS ne sont pas rares lors d’une action de prix à chaud et que cette attaque spécifique n’est peut-être pas terminée.

„En gros, nous avons été frappés par un important DDoS, ce qui est assez courant autour des ATH (sommets historiques) et des marchés haussiers. Cela nous a fait tomber pendant un certain temps, mais pour l’instant nous sommes de retour, mais nous pourrions redescendre périodiquement en fonction de la durée pendant laquelle les attaquants veulent continuer à attaquer“.

Cobra a dit à CoinDesk que le trafic IP de l’attaque est russe, mais que personne ne sait où se trouvent les attaquants. C’est parce que, en plus des attaquants qui utilisent des outils de préservation de la vie privée comme les réseaux virtuels, la plupart des attaquants lancent des attaques DDoS à distance à partir de dispositifs infestés de logiciels malveillants, a déclaré le chercheur pseudonyme et indépendant 6102 à CoinDesk.

Un DDoS contre un réseau distribué comme une chaîne de blocs – appelé attaque Sybil – ne s’est jamais produit sur la chaîne de blocs de Bitcoin.

Fidelity Crypto Arm per offrire ai clienti prestiti in contanti garantiti da Bitcoin-Backed Cash Loans

I prestiti garantiti dalla cripta saranno offerti in collaborazione con la startup newyorkese BlockFi.

In un altro segno dell’emergere della criptovaluta come riserva di valore, Fidelity Digital Assets permetterà ai suoi clienti di prendere in prestito prestiti fiat a fronte di ben il 60% delle loro partecipazioni in bitcoin.

Fidelity Digital Assets, il braccio di criptovaluta della Fidelity Investments con sede a Boston, serve solo investitori istituzionali come hedge fund, family office e intermediari di mercato.

Secondo un rapporto di Bloomberg, i prestiti garantiti da criptocredito saranno offerti in collaborazione con BlockFi, una piattaforma di gestione patrimoniale per gli investitori criptati, con sede a New York.

Tom Jessop, presidente di Fidelity Digital Assets, ha detto che il nuovo servizio si rivolge agli investitori Bitcoin che non sono pronti a separarsi dagli asset criptati ma che vogliono trasformare il loro patrimonio digitale in denaro contante senza vendere. Sulla base di un rapporto prestito/valore (LTV) del 60%, i potenziali clienti includono hedge fund, crypto minatori e banchi di negoziazione over-the-counter.

Un certo numero di piattaforme offrono prestiti in contanti cripto-backed cash, e la loro popolarità sta crescendo tra i cripto-monete che sono intenti a tenere. BlockFi ha lanciato il suo servizio all’inizio di marzo 2019, offrendo prestiti a chi è interessato a prendere in prestito cripto, a partire da 2.000 dollari, fino a 100 milioni di dollari, contro bitcoin, Ethereum e stablecoins.

BlockFi ha dichiarato di aver visto raddoppiare le entrate mensili dopo l’ultimo finanziamento di Serie B da 30 milioni di dollari a febbraio. Anche se non ha rivelato le cifre esatte, il crypto lender con sede a New York ha detto che è sulla buona strada per generare 100 milioni di dollari di ricavi nel corso del prossimo anno.

Secondo il sito web della società, finora la piattaforma di crypto lending BlockFi ha attirato oltre 1,5 miliardi di dollari di depositi da parte di investitori retail, corporate e istituzionali. Inoltre, BlockFi ha registrato un forte aumento dei guadagni e un ampliamento della sua base clienti, visto che sta osservando un’impronta più sostanziale in Asia e altrove.

L’unità di criptovaluta di Fidelity è già dotata di servizi di cripto-clienti di livello istituzionale, incluse le offerte di custodia per salvaguardare le partecipazioni e i servizi di esecuzione 24 ore al giorno, sette giorni alla settimana.

A questo proposito, Fidelity ha nominato l’ex amministratore delegato di Barclays Chris Tyrer alla guida del business europeo. Tyrer è stato incaricato di sviluppare il progetto di asset digitali della banca d’investimento e in precedenza era il responsabile del trading delle materie prime.

DeFi-tokens og NFT’er stiger højere, da Bitcoin-prisen falder til under $ 19.000

Bitcoin-prisen korrigeres, og det meste af kryptomarkedet er rødt, men stærke grundlæggende faktorer skubber udvalgte DeFi-tokens og NFT’er højere.

Bitcoin (BTC) og andre større altcoins sidder enten inde i en rækkevidde eller er vidne til en korrektion. Det er dog ikke tilfældet med hele kryptorummet, fordi et par tokens har overgået større kryptokurver med en betydelig margin.

I en verden, hvor afkastet er faldet til ubetydelige niveauer, har DeFi-økosystemet tiltrukket investorers opmærksomhed. Data fra Dune Analytics viser, at antallet af unikke Bitcoin Profit der deltager i forskellige DeFi-protokoller, er steget fra omkring 91.000 til over 1 million på et år.

Et par analytikere har advaret om, at mens disse tal ser opmuntrende ud, kan det faktiske antal unikke brugere være meget mindre, da mange DeFi-brugere muligvis bruger flere adresser. På trods af denne mulighed nægtes det ikke, at væksten i DeFi har været fænomenal.

Compound, den fjerde største DeFi-platform med samlet låst dollarværdi, har gjort et stærkt comeback siden 26. november, da sikkerhedsstillelse på 89 millioner dollars blev afviklet, da prisen på Dai steg til $ 1,3 på Coinbase og Uniswap. Disse prisfeeds bruges af Compound.

Selvom Compounds protokol fungerede som den skulle, kom dens afhængighed af kun få datapunkter for orakler under kritik.

Da dette var en engangshændelse, er prisen steget tilbage i håb om, at der er nået en løsning for at undgå sådanne likvidationer i fremtiden.

Et andet symbol, der har slået et stærkt strejf opad, er Waves. Holdet bag Waves-protokollen annoncerede for nylig et partnerskab med OKExChain, en offentlig blockchain udviklet af digital-aktiv-udveksling OKEx, for at opbygge decentrale applikationer og udviklervenlige værktøjer.

Waves ‚Gravity-protokol gør det muligt for OKExChain at forbinde og overføre aktiver på tværs af flere blockchains. Aktiver i Waves økosystemet kan bruges på decentraliserede børser bygget med OKExChain. Udviklere og handlende fra begge økosystemer kan indeholde, udveksle og bruge tokens udstedt på både Waves-protokollen og OKExChain.

Spilindustrien og crypto-tokens relateret til den har også zoomet højere i 2020, da folk er blevet tvunget til at blive hjemme på grund af coronaviruspandemien. Vækst inden for denne sektor katalyserede også et stærkt træk blandt de ikke-svampelige tokens eller NFT’er, der blev brugt i mange blockchain-baserede spil.

Et af de mest populære blockchain-baserede og NFT-spil i 2020 er Axie Infinity. I spillet får spillerne til opgave at opbygge et digitalt landskab og kæmpe deres kæledyr mod andre spillere, der ligner Pokemon og Tamagotchi. De stigende downloads og over 4.500 aktive deltagere har også øget efterspørgslen efter Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) -token.

Mens det grundlæggende i hvert selskab har været positivt, går det tekniske projekt videre på hovedet?

Lad os analysere diagrammerne for disse tre tokens for at finde ud af det.

Bitcoin atinge um novo recorde histórico em 3 bolsas, 100% dos detentores de BTC em lucro

O Bitcoin violou o ATH no Binance, Bitstamp e Kraken ao atingir US $ 20 mil no CME – o mesmo dia em que o USD atingiu novas baixas em 2020.

Sim, finalmente conseguimos. Bitcoin atingiu uma alta de todos os tempos hoje em algumas bolsas

Quando, na semana passada, o mercado esperava novos máximos, o ativo digital caiu para US $ 16.300, e nesta semana, quando outro recuo era esperado, o Bitcoin atingiu um novo recorde histórico .

O Bitcoin ainda não violou US $ 20.000 nas bolsas à vista, mas em várias bolsas, um novo pico foi estabelecido.

Três trocas de criptomoedas registraram um novo ATH hoje que envolve Binance , Bitstamp e Kraken , quebrando acima de $ 19.798, $ 19.666 e $ 19.660, respectivamente.

Ainda temos que fazer um novo pico em Coinbase , Bitfinex , Gemini e BitMEX

Embora o BTC ainda não tenha atingido os doces US $ 20 mil, nós o alcançamos no mercado de futuros de Bakkt e CME .

Na queda imediata após a bomba para novas máximas, que tem o BTC atualmente sendo negociado em torno de $ 19.150, Kraken realmente viu o Bitcoin chegando a $ 16.600, ao contrário de outras bolsas onde o BTC atingiu apenas o nível de $ 19.000.

Com esses ganhos, 100% da oferta circulante de Bitcoin está atualmente lucrativa.

“No comércio, se todo mundo quer algo, nunca quer. Em 19K, todos esperavam “mais um push” para 20K, em vez disso descartamos 3K. Em 16K, todos esperavam um “salto de gato morto” para 18K e depois para 14K, então reduzimos para 20K ”, observou Charles Edwards, fundador da Capriole Investments. “O mercado é uma balança de posição.

Ethereum price on the cusp of a rally to $ 1400 like in 2017? These on-chain metrics speak for an imminent ETH price explosion

Ethereum course (ETH) was invented by Vitalik Buterin and is a large blockchain for smart contracts, dapps and even token creations. The picture shows a metal coin of Ethereum in front of a price curve.
The Ethereum price is currently between $ 440 and $ 470, which corresponds to the price trend in December 2017. Back then, the scenario ended with an incredible upward trend and the altcoin shot towards $ 1,400 at lightning speed.

Currently, in 2020, many investors are aware of this and therefore believe that the Ethereum price could follow a similar price trend. This is supported not only by the similar price level, but also by some important on-chain and technical indicators that reflect the levels of the previous bull run at Ethereum (ETH) . Now let’s take a closer look at what these are and why ETH cops have every reason to hope.

Ethereum price & transaction volume is going through a similar development

On December 10, 2017, the Ethereum price was $ 450. It only took 34 days for ETH to hit its all-time high thereafter. Before this price explosion, the altcoin moved sideways for over two weeks. Should the past repeat itself, some on-chain metrics and historical data suggest that it could happen in the next ten days.

The above comparison of the Ethereum price trend in December 2017 and currently November 2020 illustrates why the latest price movements have awakened investors‘ hopes for the next crypto bull market like the end of 2017. Although the Ethereum price itself is of course an important metric, it does not allow any direct derivation of important on-chain metrics such as network usage and volume.

To assess the scope and amount of daily transactions, Coinmetrics offers customized transactions.

Daily average of ETH transactions (left) vs. Ethereum course (right). Source: Digital Assets Data
The above chart shows $ 1.9 billion of recent wire transfers and transactions. This corresponds to an increase of 46% compared to the previous month. Although the increase in the Ethereum price undoubtedly contributed to the fact that the transaction volume was screwed up, the same effect was also observed at the end of 2017. Therefore, this could be another parallel between the developments around the Ethereum course in 2017 and now.

Funds settled and transferred through the Ethereum network in November 2017 amounted to $ 830 million. This all changed suddenly by the end of the month when the indicator broke the $ 2 billion mark. The same indicator is closely related to the current scenario.

The number of active ETH addresses provides information on network usage

In order to better assess the network activity, you should also analyze the daily number of active addresses. While it should not be interpreted as the number of active users, it is a reliable measure of network usage.

The November data appears to repeat the previous month’s peak of 550,000 daily active addresses. This time around, activity appears to be at a much higher level than it was in late 2017.