Ethereum price on the cusp of a rally to $ 1400 like in 2017? These on-chain metrics speak for an imminent ETH price explosion

Ethereum course (ETH) was invented by Vitalik Buterin and is a large blockchain for smart contracts, dapps and even token creations. The picture shows a metal coin of Ethereum in front of a price curve.
The Ethereum price is currently between $ 440 and $ 470, which corresponds to the price trend in December 2017. Back then, the scenario ended with an incredible upward trend and the altcoin shot towards $ 1,400 at lightning speed.

Currently, in 2020, many investors are aware of this and therefore believe that the Ethereum price could follow a similar price trend. This is supported not only by the similar price level, but also by some important on-chain and technical indicators that reflect the levels of the previous bull run at Ethereum (ETH) . Now let’s take a closer look at what these are and why ETH cops have every reason to hope.

Ethereum price & transaction volume is going through a similar development

On December 10, 2017, the Ethereum price was $ 450. It only took 34 days for ETH to hit its all-time high thereafter. Before this price explosion, the altcoin moved sideways for over two weeks. Should the past repeat itself, some on-chain metrics and historical data suggest that it could happen in the next ten days.

The above comparison of the Ethereum price trend in December 2017 and currently November 2020 illustrates why the latest price movements have awakened investors‘ hopes for the next crypto bull market like the end of 2017. Although the Ethereum price itself is of course an important metric, it does not allow any direct derivation of important on-chain metrics such as network usage and volume.

To assess the scope and amount of daily transactions, Coinmetrics offers customized transactions.

Daily average of ETH transactions (left) vs. Ethereum course (right). Source: Digital Assets Data
The above chart shows $ 1.9 billion of recent wire transfers and transactions. This corresponds to an increase of 46% compared to the previous month. Although the increase in the Ethereum price undoubtedly contributed to the fact that the transaction volume was screwed up, the same effect was also observed at the end of 2017. Therefore, this could be another parallel between the developments around the Ethereum course in 2017 and now.

Funds settled and transferred through the Ethereum network in November 2017 amounted to $ 830 million. This all changed suddenly by the end of the month when the indicator broke the $ 2 billion mark. The same indicator is closely related to the current scenario.

The number of active ETH addresses provides information on network usage

In order to better assess the network activity, you should also analyze the daily number of active addresses. While it should not be interpreted as the number of active users, it is a reliable measure of network usage.

The November data appears to repeat the previous month’s peak of 550,000 daily active addresses. This time around, activity appears to be at a much higher level than it was in late 2017.